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Mixology was first produced as work of video art (2010, 11'4), in
which two black spinning discs painted with white Islamic
calligraphic hadiths appear as records on a DJ's mixing
table. The visuals are accompanied by an equally
complex mixture of distorted, often piercing, electronic
sounds and excerpts of classical music over the
unsettling noise produced by the record-player needle as
it scrapes away at the paint.

The CD consists of sounds made during the creation of
this video. Each of the eight tracks superimposes – or
alternates between – ready-made fragments of classical
music and improvised electronic sounds, together with
disconcerting noises generated by the turning
discs and other, at times unidentifiable, processes.

Released in January 2013 by StudioFatmi.
Sounds by mounir fatmi.
Text by Siobhan Shilton, University of Bristol
Photos by Sueraya Shaheen.